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OER Structure

decode:Image courtesy of open.michigan, flickr. CC BYIn early 2009, Professor Opare-Sem was introduced to lecturer Adam Rahman from the Department of Communication Design. Mr. Rahman and Professor Opare-Sem agreed that the photography, video editing, and web design expertise of the DeCoDe would be great assets for OER production. Professor Opare-Sem acknowledged that multimedia support from DeCoDe would relieve the CHS facility of having to do both content development and technical production.

In late 2009, CHS hired two DeCoDe graduates as part-time OER media specialists. These media specialist worked with the University Information Technology Services (UITS) office to create a KNUST OER Website to host the completed resources. Now, two years after the project’s initial launch, support for OER has spread across CHS, with participating faculty in obstetrics and gynaecology, medical laboratory, nursing, pharmacology, social pharmacy, physiology, chemical pathology, child health, and dentistry.


With a policy to promote the development of OER, this continuing support would spread across the whole University. The relationship with DeCoDe continues to grow, with many fourth-year students and select faculty now involved in multimedia production for OER.



Role of Communication Design

The University encourages a teamwork approach to curriculum and materials development to bring together different kinds of expertise available across the university e.g. disciplinary, pedagogic, design, systems, ICT, etc.

The Department of Communication Design in the College of Arts and Social Sciences will play a foundational role in training faculty, staff and students engaged in OER in design and media related skills as well as provide the human resource to assist in the development of OERs. DeCoDe has pledged its commitment to support the design, review and development of KNUST OER.






The content on this page has been adapted from "Growing an Institutional Health OER Initiative: A Case Study of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology", by Kathleen Ludewig Omollo, published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (