Strychnine Poisoning in Toads


This pharmacological laboratory procedure demonstrates the Central Nervous System excitatory effect of Strychnine in toads. A dose of Strychnine is injected into the ventral lymph node of the toad then the hyper-stimulation of the Strychnine dosage is observed.


Stychnine acts as a selective competitive antagonist to block the inhibitory effects of glycine at all glycine receptors. Strychnine is a powerful convulsant with a characteristic motor pattern. In most laboratory animals, this convulsion is charaterized by tonic extension of the body and all limbs.

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Year: 2010
Keywords: Pharmacology, hyper-stimulation of strychnine, Toads
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Strychnine is the principal alkaloid in nux vomica, the seeds of a tree strychnos nux vomica native to india. In demonstrating the cns ecitatory effect of strychnine, a toad is used.




Student should observe the CNS hyper-stimulation of strychnine.


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Watch the laboratory procedure on the Strychnine Poisoning in Toads.

Strychnine Poisoning in Toads (video)






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