Episiotomy & Repair During Vaginal Delivery


An episiotomy may be required when there is a threatening tear during vertex vaginal delivery to prevent perineal tear, during instrumental delivery (vacuum and forceps) and also during a vaginal breech delivery. Three types of episiotomy would be discussed.


The resource includes videos lessons, an animation clip and interactive exercises to explain further, the procedure in episiotomy and repair.

Author(s): R. Adanu & N. C. EngelbergView Details of Author
Year: 2009
Keywords: episiotomy, vaginal repair, delivery
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This resources looks at performing and repairing an episiotomy. The programme has video lessons showing the stages/procedure of performing and repairing an episiotomy.  Included is an animation clip that shows how to perform an mediolateral episiotomy. 


A self-assessment quiz is available for you to assess yourself on the lessons.





The objective of this course is to help:

Students to understand the procedure in performing and repairing an episiotomy during vaginal delivery.


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Dr. Richard Adanu
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology,
University of Ghana Medical School and the,
Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital


N. Cary Engleberg, M.D.

Professor of Internal Medicine
University of Michigan Medical School
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA




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